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Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant

Vermont Yankee has been in commercial operation since 1972 and has had a license extension granted by the NRC to 2032. Entergy Vermont Yankee estimates that the continued operation will result in over $2 billion in additional income for the residents of Windham County and the state of Vermont as well as increased tax revenues for the state in excess of $300 million in today's (2008) dollars.

Entergy Vermont Yankee currently supplies nearly one-third of all electricity consumed in Vermont at beneficial, below-market rates. Vermont Yankee contributes significantly to the environmental quality of the state's electric portfolio, which has the lowest carbon footprint of any state in the nation.

Each year, Entergy VY supports local charities with more than $370,000 in charitable giving. In addition to providing funding, many Vermont Yankee employees volunteer their time to many of the funded groups and organizations. Specifically, Vermont Yankee employee volunteers transformed the Brattleboro Boys and Girls Club structure and have established a site-based mentoring program with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Windham County.

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
Vernon, VT



Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee, LLC

Maximum Dependable Capacity: 605 MW

Reactor Type:

Boiling Water Reactor

Reactor Manufacturer:

General Electric

Turbine Generator Manufacturer:

General Electric



Commercial Operation Date:


Original License Expiration Date:


License Renewal Status: NRC license renewal received 3/21/2011
through 2032.
Cooling Water Source: Connecticut River with once through cooling towers
Number of Employees: 630
Counties included in Emergency Planning Zone: Windham County, Vt.; Franklin County, Mass.;
Cheshire County, N.H.

Environmental Impact

Generating electricity with nuclear energy prevents the emission of pollutants like sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2) associated with burning fossil fuels.

During 2011, environmental emissions avoided due to nuclear power plant operation in Vermont included 4,000 tons of sulfur dioxide, 800 tons of nitrogen oxide and 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.*

Emissions of SO2 lead to the formation of acid rain. NOx is a key precursor of both ground-level ozone and smog. Greenhouse gases like CO2 contribute to global warming.

* Source: Emissions avoided by nuclear power are calculated using regional fossil fuel emissions rates from the Environmental Protection Agency and plant generation data from the Energy Information Administration.

Learn more about Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant at http://www.safecleanreliable.com